Chelsea Sweet

First Impressions

Every picture on the tour for Chelsea Sweet features the young blonde girl with her hair in braided pigtails. Clearly that`s a look she likes and it works for her because she`s about the most adorable young thing I`ve ever seen. She has a bright white smile with a nice set of natural tits and luscious legs that I just want to caress. She`s doing a hot collection of posing pictures and videos and there`s even a preview movie I couldn`t help but watch a few times. I`m really looking forward to seeing what this blonde beauty has for me inside.

Hot Promises

First there are the promises made by her pictures. You`re going to see a lot of her in pigtails and you`re going to see her posing in all sorts of cute teenage-style outfits. There are t-shirts and tank tops and pastels galore and lots of cute panties to boot. Then there are the promises of high definition video at 4200kbps, exclusive picture galleries, zip downloads and no restrictions when it comes to downloading. There`s also a network of bonus sites that you can check out with one click at the bottom of the tour page. It seems like this is going to be a good time.


The tour for Chelsea Sweet shows lots of pictures of the hot young blonde fully clothed with her hair in braided pigtails. Based on that it was unclear what exactly would happen in the member`s area. That`s not a question anymore as a whole lot of wonderfully naughty stuff goes down. The best example of a video called `Fucking Machine`. The name should give you a pretty good idea of what happens. Chelsea has a Sybian and she climbs aboard and penetrates her pussy while it vibrates like crazy. She rides it and moans as she gets closer and closer to orgasm. That sounds fantastic, right?

Updates are currently being made twice a week with one video and one picture gallery coming down the pipeline. The main page features those updates along with the most popular and highest rated scenes. You can preview the upcoming additions and access your favorites list too. If you find a scene you really like be sure to put it in the favorites list so you can come back to it whenever you`re feeling the need to get off.

The content is divided into picture galleries and videos and right now there`s a fairly tiny collection of images with only seven sets. It wasn`t long ago that the first one was added so the site will continue to grow but as of August 2009 it`s paltry. The images are where you`ll see the stuff from the tour with Chelsea Sweet in her braided pigtails smiling as brightly as a girl ever has. She also strips fully nude, baring her young pussy and her natural tits. Her breasts at C cups with a little bit of sag and her ass is really fucking hot. You`ll wish you could get a handful. Her pussy is clean except for a landing strip above the clit and she doesn`t mind spreading her legs and opening the lips so you have a great view of the pink insides.

Most of the galleries have 50-100 shots and they`re available at 1600px. On top of the high resolution the photography is excellent with good lighting and no blurry shots included. Her eyes are open and expressive in every shot too. You can download a zip gallery with the high resolution pictures in it if you`d like to have a permanent copy of the set resting on your hard drive for use after you`ve finished being a member.

A lot of time solo girl sites feature tons of pictures and relatively uninteresting videos because the babes aren`t interested in being in front of the camera or they`re not comfortable. In those cases you end up with filmed versions of the photo sets that are intensely boring. At Chelsea Sweet she makes an effort to provide unique and fantastically hot videos and she succeeds beyond your wildest dreams, guaranteed. The movies can be downloaded in high resolution and there are several streaming options. They promise you HD clips at 4200kbps and 1280x720 but they don`t get anywhere near that. Telling that kind of lie is bizarre and annoying.

The aforementioned Sybian video is pretty awesome, especially since it ends with Chelsea having a thunderous orgasm and throughout the clip you can hear her moaning as lustily as any girl ever has. Plus she`s penetrating her pussy with a dildo so that`s always hot. There are plenty of others though. If you like feet she has a sexy set where she puts the camera between her legs and then pulls her feet up to start waving them in front. She teases you and asks if you want to lick them and of course you`re going to say yes to a beautiful girl like that!

The handjob video is exceptionally erotic with her working a hard dick until it creams. She strokes lustily while wearing those braided pigtails and she talks dirty, which I love. There`s nothing better than a dirty talking handjob scene. If you like the dirty talk then the video where she urges you to cum in her mouth is a fantastic one. The camera roams around her body she show shows off her tits and pussy and urges you to produce a sticky load that she can swallow because she craves a load of hot protein.

There are a couple of hot dildo movies where the toy penetrates her pussy deeply and she moans and talks dirty. She loves to talk about how good it feels to get fucked and how much she loves cock and it`s hard to listen and not get aroused. In one of my favorite videos she`s bent over the bed and her ass is facing the camera while a guy gropes her cheeks and she talks dirty so he can masturbate and cum on them. How could you not like that` The lap dance video where she gets the guy to cum simply by grinding into him is pretty impressive too.

Because she only has 17 videos and 7 picture galleries at this point (August 2009) you might be thinking that the site isn`t worth joining. Taken by itself that would probably be the case but there are 10 bonus sites that change the math a little. Each site has picture galleries and videos for download and they`re in high definition just like Chelsea`s sweet scenes. That`s a ton of content and that`s why joining is totally worth it.

Croco’s Opinion

Chelsea Sweet is a cute young beauty with a great body and she turns her fans on by being far naughtier than you would expect from the tour. Looking at that it seems like she`s going to do some super cute posing and a little tit teasing and that`s it. Then you get inside and you see that she`s modeling her pussy, giving handjobs, using dildos to fuck her hot hole and more. Her videos are filled with dirty talk and obscene behavior and they`re almost certain to make a hot load of spunk spill from your dick. Chelsea provides access to ten bonus sites as well. The only downside to the site is a lack of picture galleries. It`s still early though and she`s updating twice a week.


Navigation is simple throughout the site.

Pricing Policy

It`s $34.95/month or $59.95 for 90 days.

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